Want To Up Your Curb Appeal? We’ll Tell You How!

Curb appeal. A real estate buzz word that seems overwhelming for some and confusing for others. Curb appeal, put simply, is how attractive the front of your home looks from the street. Because curb appeal is essentially the first impression your home leaves on others, it’s not something to only focus on if you are selling your home. Are you wanting to give the front of your home a new look, or maybe just refresh and restore the appeal of your home? It’s not as daunting as a task as one might think!

There are 6 simple things you can this weekend to up your curb appeal, and each one should cost about $100 or less! According to DIY Network,  doing these 6 simple steps can make your home shine!

  1. Paint Your Front Door, Trim and Shutters
  2. Upgrade Your Mailbox
  3. Install New House Numbers
  4. Plant a Tree
  5. Install/Update Exterior Light Fixtures
  6. Install Flower Boxes, Plant Flowers

Are you unsure of where to start? Give us a call! Katie would be happy to chat with you about what pulls a buyer in from the curb! Call Katie at (904) 536-6888.


source: https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/outdoor-spaces/instant-curb-appeal-for-less-than-100-pictures



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Want To Up Your Curb Appeal? We’ll Tell You How!

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