Property Management

TENANT PLACEMENT – The tenant placement fee is 50% of the first month’s rent with a minimum fee of $995. The tenant placement fee is paid AFTER we successfully place a tenant in your home. There are no upfront fees and no monies due if we do not place a tenant in your home.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – Property management is also available for 10% of the monthly rent.

TENANT PLACEMENT SERVICE (50% of the first month’s rent, $995 minimum, reduced to $895 minimum with property management)

ADVERTISING – on at least 20 of the top real estate websites, showing the property and advertisement flyers at the home.

APPLICATION – screening and processing the tenant’s application. Includes; rental history verification, criminal and credit check. We will provide a recommendation on acceptance or rejection of the tenant, but you make the final decision as to whom you want to rent to.

LEASE – we will provide a copy of a lease agreement prepared by a local real estate attorney for Tenant and Landlord to execute.

RENT and SECURITY DEPOSIT – the tenant will pay the rent and security deposit directly to you.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (10% of the monthly rent, minimum of $100)

WALKTHROUGH – Coordinating and documenting the condition of the property at the time of move in and move out.

RENT COLLECTION – we will collect the tenant’s rent (Tenants may pay by electronic payment, credit card or 24 hour access to a drop box for checks). We will forward your portion of the rent by the 10th of each month after deducting our 10% management fee (Direct Deposit available).

REPAIRS – the Tenant will contact us to coordinate repair request. We have local vendors who have a history of reasonable and fair service. You may provide your preferred vendor for service. You will deposit and maintain $300 into our repair escrow account.

MONTHLY REPORTS – we will provide a monthly statement of your rental income and expenses.

PROPERTY INSPECTIONS – we will perform monthly exterior inspections of the property. Interior Inspections may be requested by Landlord at an additional cost of $79.99 (subject to change, if 3rd party vendor cost changes).

LEASE RENEWAL – we will renew the annual lease with your existing tenant if both Landlord and Tenant agree to renew at the end of the lease term.

RENT and SECURITY DEPOSIT – the tenant will pay the rent and security deposit directly to Lisa Duke Realty LLC.

We look forward to assisting you with the rental of your home!

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