Is Your Staircase Looking A Little Sad?

Is Your Staircase Looking A Little Sad?

You’ve decorated the living room, styled your foyer, and even spruced up the guest bathrooms. But that one connecting part of your home that you walk up and down daily sits untouched, forgotten.

We are sharing ways you can make your staircase fun, stylish, even a lovely focal point of your interior decor!

Don’t Ignore the Fixtures

Sometimes replacing that builder-grade, rather boring light fixture is enough to turn your staircase from dull to beautiful! Think eye-catching chandeliers, wow-worthy pendant lights, or maybe just a simple modern light fixture is all you need to tie in with the rest of your decor.

Paint or Stain

Sometimes a simple fresh coat of paint can leave your staircase feeling fresh and updated. You can paint the steps or sand and stain the steps for a simple, yet classic look! Or go a step further and paint your steps in an ombre style, going from dark on the bottom to a lighter shade all the way at the top. Gradient color is can really liven up your space.

Style Your Staircase Walls

Sprucing up the space doesn’t have to be relegated to the stair steps. Take a look at the walls in your stairway. The options are truly endless here! You can add a fun gallery wall, you can display a beautiful wallpaper that might be too expensive for the whole downstairs, but can truly shine in your stairway! You can even add a fun wall treatment, like a plank wall, or do a vinyl brick facade! There are so many fun options available today!

Vinyl Decor

Maybe vinyl decor on the wall feels like too much? What about adding vinyl decor to the stair steps! There are hundreds of amazing options on the market, from holiday themed stair vinyl, to inspiring quotes, special interest vinyl (look books or a special scene)! Or maybe simple is your thing…. there are even adorable number decals you can apply for a fresh and understated look!

Which of these options are you chomping at the bit to try? If you’ve got a beautiful staircase, we’d love to see you show it off!


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Is Your Staircase Looking A Little Sad?

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