Don’t Price Yourself off the Market

Don’t Price Yourself off the Market

Pricing a home correctly is the main factor that determines how fast and how much money it will sell for. Of course one wants to get the full value for their home, but overpricing it can have unintended consequences.

It’s important to realize that pricing your house even a little over market value to leave room for negotiation can, and often will, dramatically decrease the number of buyers who see your home. Instead of trying to ‘win’ the negotiation with one buyer, you should price your house so demand for it is maximized and you appeal to MANY buyers. By doing so, you won’t be negotiating with one buyer over the price. Instead, you’ll have multiple buyers competing for the property. The secret is making sure your house is Priced To Sell Immediately (PTSI). That way, your house will be seen by the most potential buyers.

Our team is made of up market specialists who know how to price your home to get the maximum exposure and people interested! Give us a call today to find out what you could list your home for.



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Don’t Price Yourself off the Market

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I began buying and selling real estate in 1995 for personal investments in Jacksonville, Florida. I enjoyed the business and I obtained a real estate license in 2002 to help others buy and sell homes on a part time basis. My part time efforts quickly grew into a full time real estate consulting business. Lisa Duke Realty, LLC opened in 2012 and in the first two years, our experience and staff have grown and flourished.