I used Lisa Duke for my rental property. She showed the home for me as often as needed. They have standards they seem to stand by for the renters that they allow apply. I only know because people called me directly and when I told them to call my Realtor, because I wasn’t in the area, they called me back with that complaint, one person was going through forecloser at no fault of their own (house no longer worth the ground it sits on). I was sympathetic but happy they weren’t just letting anyone rent my home who may not be able to afford to do so especially since I had just experienced that with my previous renter.

They did their best work collecting a deposit fee that should have been paid at the time of application and wasn’t and I had hard time collecting it from the renter myself through the mail. So when I called Lisa and explained that it wasn’t collected initially her office went by the home to collect the deposit and then continue with communication when the check didn’t clear. Other than that we have good renters who pay on time I chalked it up to communicating via phone and mail. But it surely helped to have a Realtor who stands behind and honors their contract/commitment.

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