How To Save Hundreds On Your Florida Property Taxes

How To Save Hundreds On Your Florida Property Taxes

Hey, would you like to save hundreds of dollars or more on your property taxes? Of course you would!

As Jacksonville’s expert local Realtors, we wanted to clue you in on a unique Florida program called the Homestead Exemption that can deduct $50,000 or more from your property’s taxable value before property taxes are applied, offering you the potential to shave hundreds, if not thousands off your tax bill! Continue reading below for a brief explainer on eligibility requirements and the application process for the Homestead Exemption, and call Lisa Duke Realty if you need help at any point in the process!


What Is The Homestead Exemption?

The Homestead Exemption is a Florida state tax incentive that was created during the Great Depression as a way to reduce the number of homeowners at risk of losing their home during the economic fallout. The original Homestead Exemption offered a $5,000 deduction to the homeowner’s taxable value before property taxes were calculated. The amount of the deduction has been raised by voters several times in the decades since, and today stands at $50,000 for qualified homeowners. But what do you need to qualify for the exemption?


Homestead Exemption Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a resident of Florida, and only your primary residence is eligible for the Homestead Exemption
  • You must reside in the home on January 1 in the year you plan to apply for the Homestead Exemption 
  • If you are a senior citizen living in Duval County, you may be eligible for an additional $25,000 exemption!


How To Apply

To apply for the Homestead Exemption, fill out this online application with the Duval County Property Appraiser’s Office. The 2021 deadline for applications is March 1st, apply today!


What To Know Before You Apply

When you apply online for the Homestead Exemption, be sure to have some basic information and paperwork related to your property and your Florida residency prepared. You’ll be answering some questions like these to ensure your eligibility:

  • As of January 1, whose name or names appear on the title to your property?
  • What is the street address of your property?
  • How long have you been a legal resident of the State of Florida? 
  • Do you have a Florida license plate on your car and a Florida driver’s license?
  • Were you living on your property on or before January 1?

The best records to make copies of for these types of questions (in order to answer accurately and provided documented proof) include your property deed / house title, your driver’s license and auto registration , your voter registration information, or a Declaration of Domicile if you were not registered to vote in Florida before January 1. 


Get Help Buying & Selling Property In Jacksonville

And those are the basics of Homestead Exemption. Now you know how you save hundreds or more on your property taxes every year! For more details on this exemption, and more information on related state programs that help limit your property tax expenses, visit our website

As always, when you need help buying or selling property in Duval County, connect with Lisa Duke Realty! We’re one of the top local Realtors in Jacksonville, with the expertise needed to help you sell your home quickly or find the perfect house that hits everything on your wish list. Reach out to us today!


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How To Save Hundreds On Your Florida Property Taxes

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