Getting the Most Value Out of Selling Your Property

Getting the Most Value Out of Selling Your Property

So you’ve decided that selling your Jacksonville area home is the right move, either for financial or personal reasons. But where do you go from here? Lisa Duke Realty’s real estate agents are giving local homeowners tips on how to increase return on your property investments and get the most value out of the selling process. If you are ready to sell, contact our offices today!
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Understand The Local Market

If you’re trying to determine the benefits of selling your home right now, it’s important to consider the local market and where the money is going from a larger perspective. This is where you absolutely need the help of Jacksonville real estate agents from Lisa Duke. We pride ourselves on being experts in the area and can properly gauge the pros and cons of selling your home and how much you can expect it to go for. This is a critical step in the selling process that can change everything. 
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Making Essential Household Repairs

It goes without saying that while you live in your home, it sustains a bit of wear and tear; this can include everything from minor chips of paint to full-on broken appliances. But each of these have to be addressed, corrected and/or repaired in order to increase your chances of securing a higher sell price. Potential buyers want to invest in a home that is just as (or even more) beautiful as when you yourself first bought it.

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Think About Your Curb Appeal

As hinted at above, first impressions are incredibly important when you’re trying to sell your home, but this doesn’t just apply to what is inside! Your exterior paint, front lawn, trees and flowers, and other elements of curb appeal need to be well-groomed and well-maintained in order to fetch a higher price. You have to consider this a critical investment that will improve the quality of both your life and the buyers’.

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Understand How Much It Costs To Sell

Of course you want to get the most value out of selling your home, but similar to how you need to understand the market, you also need to understand how much money you’ll need to actually sell. Staging costs, repairs and renovations, closing costs, moving costs — it all adds up. But all these investments are important in order to increase your chances of attracting buyers at the price you desire. 

Lisa Duke Realty Can Help

The Jacksonville real estate market can be difficult to navigate, which is why Lisa Duke Realty is here to give you everything you need. No matter what step you’re at in the selling process, we are proud to give you the proper knowledge and tools to make the most out of this life-changing experience!


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Getting the Most Value Out of Selling Your Property

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