4 Tips to Improve Your Home Before the Realtor Shows Up

4 Tips to Improve Your Home Before the Realtor Shows Up

Impress your real estate agent with these simple home improvement suggestions.


Flipping a house for sale in Jacksonville.Time to sell your home? Enlisting a realtor to help is one of the best moves to make. Realtors are experts when it comes to the real estate market and they will be a great resource when selling your home. But, what should you do before your realtor shows up to prove that you are also dedicated to selling your home at the right price? Keep reading today’s blog from Lisa Duke Realty in Jacksonville to learn more! Contact us today if you’re ready to sell your home and for our house flipping services.


Tidy Up Your Home

When inviting any guest over, you’d want to ensure that your home is nice and tidy, and that especially goes for inviting your real estate agent over. Tidying up your home not only shows the realtor that you are invested in getting your home in the right place to sell, but it also shows off the house with less trash and clutter. The moment you hire a realtor, think about getting your home ready for sale and stop holding onto clutter or buying more things for your home.


Remove Personal Items

While you’re not quite moving out yet, it’s always good to start taking down more of your personal items sooner rather than later. Think about packing up any refrigerator magnets, kid’s artwork, and portraits or photos before packing up items that could be used during staging. Items that are okay to keep are furniture, linens, modern decor, and anything else you need to continue living there for the meantime such as food, toiletries, and clothes.


Deep Clean or Hire a Maid Service

Tidying your home and removing personal items is a great start, but before your realtor visits, you should consider deep cleaning or hiring a professional to clean your home. Getting a deep cleaning done as soon as possible is a great way to start flipping your home and making it buyer-ready. Impressing your realtor with a sparkling clean home is just as important and helps show that you care about selling your home at the best price possible.


Make Needed Repairs

Before inviting your realtor over, be sure to also make any repairs that are needed in your home. Mainly, you should focus on making repairs that will be visible to the realtor and any open house guests as well as repairs that could inhibit their stays, such as a broken toilet or burnt-out light bulb. You want both parties to see the home’s full potential when it’s not in need of repairs. Showcase your home for how nice it is when everything is fixed and there are no leaky faucets or holes in the wall to worry about.


Contact Lisa Duke Realty in Jacksonville

If you’re ready to sell your home in Jacksonville, rely on Lisa Duke Realty. We’ll make sure that your home is in the best shape possible before scheduling open houses so that you get the best offers. Plus, if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to flipping or staging your home, we’re specialists in those departments as well, just give us a call. Contact our team today to get started!


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4 Tips to Improve Your Home Before the Realtor Shows Up

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